20 Mar 2015

The most hot and beautiful women tennis players

5 players that will blow you away.

19 Mar 2015

Oceanic wonders

10 pictures that will make you miss summer even more.

Photo by: collegehumor.com
20 Nov 2014

Russian guy sits through armed robbery unperturbed

What would you do during an armed robbery? During an armed robbery some people would alter and start screaming, some others will just start running all over around, and some others would attempt to hide from the robbers. Well watch out what this guy did during an armed robbery in

11 Nov 2014

Ferrari & Lamborghini’s new beasts

Check out Ferrari’s 612 GTO and Lamborghini’s Aventador J:            

07 Nov 2014

Snookball: the new sport-game

Check this new sport that combines pool and soccer and its trending mainly in France.

James Kingston "Ultimate Selfie"
28 Oct 2014

He climbs almost anything for a selfie

This guy has decided to publish a series of videos on YouTube showing how he can climb to the top of almost anything, just for the fun of it. His name is James Kingston and inside his YouTube channel you can find a series of videos POV (Point Of View)